Jeddah Human Resources forum

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Dr. Baeshen speaking at the Jeddah forum for human resources:

Dr. Abdullah Abdul-Rahman Baeshen Chairman of the Board of Directors at TeamOne participated as lecturer and one of the keynote speakers at the Forum Jeddah Human Resources was held on October 3, 2011 m in a hotel (Hilton) in the city of Jeddah, where it came from his lecture under the theme "Building a work environment attractive and maintain owners of high-yield "  We review below the target and themes that Dr. Baeshen talked about in his lecture:

Objective: how to activate the local energies in creative ways, motivate and maintain.


* Specify the criteria for successful Saudi's work environment attracting national talent.
* Develop a strategy for the exchange of knowledge and understanding between citizens and

* The impact of the work environment to maintain the continuity of work for citizens.
* Showing some of the experiences of successful local companies in this area.