Project Financing

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Financing Studies

With continuous economical growth and diversification, several financial challenges emerge that increase the need for quick and flexible financial solutions to cater to the available opportunities. This creates the need for credit facilities to provide liquidity for forms to finance their operational and capital current and future obligations. Such credit facilities provide financing that is characterized by being of the highest level of liquidity with different risk profiles. Therefore, firms today need specialized assistance and advisory services in terms of financing.


Companies may opt to go to private placement for several reasons:


  High flexibility with regard to the targeted amount, which may range
    from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of Saudi Riyals.
  Ability to determine the type and nature of investors and choose the
    suitable ones whose vision match with the firm's. 
  Fostering continuous growth of the firm without affecting its liquidity or
     sustaining other financing risks.
  •   Quicker collection of the targeted amount.


Design, Structuring and Methodology

Our group of consultants helps firms to obtain Shariah-complaint credit facilities in the first place as well as other credit requirements in line with the purpose of financing and based on the Firm’s acceptable risk profile, through the following:


  Develop investment and feasibility studies.
  Set up the business plan based on the lender’s requirements.
  Identify suitable financial instruments to finance the firm in accordance
    with its structure and financing purpose.    
  Conduct and manage workshops and convene meetings with the donors
    and answer their queries.    
  Examine and evaluate the financing offers and choose the best for the
  Examine financing risks and determine the firm’s current and future
  Prepare the financial study, determine repayment or refinancing plans,
     and prepare the cash flow projections.



The extensive experience of our consultants in this arena enables them to bring this process to a successful end with due speed and efficiency.